April 5, 2011 – from Kenya

First Impressions —  Two days of intense travel, including missing a flight due to another arriving late, I found myself in the Nairobi airport.  After collecting my luggage, customs bothered me about having four suitcases, and they inquired about the gifts I was bringing into the country.  I ended up paying 5,000 shillings in taxes, and I was more than a bit frustrated by having to do so…

Ben had not yet arrived to pick me up so I went and purchased a Kenyan cell phone and airtime for my computer modem.  It wasn’t long after emerging from the cellular shop that Ben arrived.  We had good conversation on the way to Karai.  I heard of many of the new developments .

Ben bought a used four wheel drive Toyota van.  He is using it for shuffling kids around as well as supplies for the safehouse.  He is also hoping to do a bit of safari leading in the future, and now he won’t need to rent a vehicle to take people on excursions.

After arriving in Karai, I was introduced to Naomi Wachira’s daughter, now sixteen months, who is staying here in Kenya for an extended stay with her grandparents, and aunts and uncles.  (Her mom lives in Seattle.)  Talking about children, and I found out that Ben’s wife, Milka, is three months pregnant.

Living Water International, Kenyan division, is coming out within the next week to explore the site for drilling and make the formal agreement of our partnership in the drilling project.

Besides all of this in the two and half months since my last visit, Elijah has constructed a two room guesthouse on his property.  Each room is complete with a bed and bathroom, electricity and running water.  It’s a great place for visitors, and I’ve made one of the rooms my own for the duration of my stay.  It’s really quite nice!

I’ll update more later today or tomorrow.  Blessings from Kenya!


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