April 6, 2011 – from Kenya

We spent some amazing time tonight with our orphan friends.  Every night we spend an hour with them prior to bedtime, and tonight we talked about what it means to be hurt by others and the process of forgiveness.  These kids have been through so much, and they don’t usually share their deep pains.  Tonight we saw how much they are starting to really trust this team of five as they shared a few bits of their life scars within small group settings.  We concluded the night with some good singing to send them to bed on a positive note.

We also took our staff out for dinner prior to our time with the kids tonight.  We went to a new place that serves roasted meet; we had more than our fill of roasted chicken and roasted sheep along with ‘chips’ a.k.a. french fries. Our staff here is always appreciative when we take the time to remind them how much their efforts mean to the lives of our 32 orphan children.  In reality, the lives of our staff revolve around these kids, but it’s always good to receive encouragement for a job well done, and a dinner of roasted meat was our way of showing encouragement tonight.

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