April 9, 2011 – from Kenya

At lunch today Elijah mentioned that we would be having roasted meat for dinner.  We had gone to a local place to have a meal of roasted meat a few nights ago, but he didn’t think that it was of a good enough standard.  So, he took it upon himself to give us a great meal tonight.

When asked, we learned that one of his young sheep had been chosen for slaughter, and it would be roasted during the afternoon for dinner.  Dinner would have to wait for our afternoon activities though.

Late in the afternoon we were invited to the field by the safe house where the children live.  Several of our staff had gone into town, found a nursery where they could buy saplings and brought them home.  We were asked to each write our name on a sign that would be placed by a tree that each of us would plant.  It turns out that each person of this visiting team planted a Cedar tree…

…the biblical references to this day have been a bit overwhelming.

Needing rest before waking at 4 a.m. to take our Amsterdam team to the airport.  They have been amazing with the children and our staff~

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