December 31, 2010 – from Kenya

Looking forward to a bringing in the New Year with 32 orphan kids at midnight tonight!  Two of these kids were not with us last year, and they certainly have plenty of reason to celebrate as life has gained stability, and they are being loved.  We invite you to celebrate there lives tonight along with a new year rolling us into the future.

The outhouse in the futball field blew over a few months ago, and today a group of boys covered the cement pad.  While it’s far from level, at least shins will no longer make contact with the big slab in the field as we chase after the ball.

Andy has been out with our guys from here for much of the day.  We’re going to increase our ability to catch rainwater from the safe house roof.  At this time, about half of it isn’t caught. With some good workmanship, we should be able to catch nearly 100%of that precious water.

Tomorrow will be a day of celebrating the new year with the community and the orphan kids.  Throwing a party every year is one way that we try to maintain good relations with our neighbors who have very little.

Happy New Year from Karai, Kenya!


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