How a Well Grows a Community

How a Well Grows a Community

During our recent trip to Kenya, we were amazed at what the well project of 2011 is doing for the Karai community. The initial

goal was to provide water for the orphan children for drinking and bathing, cooking and cleaning. We knew this water could help others, but had no idea how many more!

Neighbors: Within several months of the well and piping being put into place, water was sold to neighbors along with anyone who had a donkey cart to transport water. Some days, when it is dry, you can see twenty donkey carts lined up, waiting their turn in line to fill the barrels they carry.

Local farmer: Little more than a year ago, a local farmer, with property adjacent to the CRCA, requested that we run a pipeline to her greenhouse where she raises tomatoes and peppers. Today she has a great source of water. Her pipeline has its own water meter, and every month she pays for the water she uses. She is a champion of the CRCA in the community.

Elementary school: A kilometer away from the CRCA is the local public school. More than 600 students attend this school, and it had no source of water for drinking or washing hands. A local non-profit raised the funds for a pipeline and a water meter. Earlier this year the project was completed, and the local government pays for the water usage.

Affordable housing complex: More recently a high density housing facility began its early building stages near the CRCA property. Our director, Ben Wachira, began conversation with the builders. Another pipeline and water meter have been installed at the site. Rather than living in an apartment complex without access to running water, the tenants will pay a small amount to have access to a clean water source, keeping their families healthier.

It seems astounding how one well, more than six hundred feet deep, can transform a community. When we took on the task of the borehole in 2011, we did not know if water could be found. It was an achievement beyond our hopes and dreams, and its impact continues to grow.

Over the past months, our Kenyan staff has put together a list of items that would be helpful for the children and the community. During July and August, we will begin to share these needs. We ask that you continue to walk with us, supporting our orphan friends and our Kenyan staff. We are only beginning to hit our stride; we continue to hope and dream!


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