January 1, 2011 – from Kenya

We are definitely in the midst of a real cultural experience.  The really neat thing is that almost all the people speak English so communication is not a barrier.  The director of the safe house and his wife are educated people and have a really good grasp on life issues both here and globally.

People here have a tremendous amount of time for each other and are never in a hurry.  When you see someone you know, wherever it is, you stop and talk with them.  This is a highly valued part of their life style.

There are numerous churches and life is very spiritual – that is how they have such a positive attitude toward life, filled with hope, even though so poor.  The orphans are constantly asking God to bless us when they pray.  Awesome faith among these kids.

We again have realized that God’s world is so big and so filled with different cultures and ways of life, and all are beautiful in His sight.  What an awesome God we serve. Yes, we will probably return here again someday, but his experience is not reserved for just us; so put it on your bucket list.  It will be money worth spending, and you will be treated royally!!!

With our love to all,


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