Monday morning update


The roosters are going crazy still at 9:28 a.m. They started their noise about 4 or 5 a.m., and it continues. This place is quiet (except for the roosters) now with the kids and our team helping in the classrooms at school.

Breakfast was amazing as usual. The mangos are in season, and they taste like the sweetest candy when ripe. I think they are actually sweeter than pure sugar. Within an hour or two Elijah and Ben and I are heading to another town a few hours away to buy some parts for the next stage in the irrigation project.

It continues to be a work in progress around here, and progress is happening daily. I can’t express how much things change in half a years time between visits. With this visit, the kids are all in good health and growing. Some of the older ones look more like young adults than children, but the addition of two young kids a few months ago still helps us keep a feel of young children around here.

I hope everyone is doing well; my stomach is almost always full as food and chi is set before us every couple of hours. The weather is great with nights in the low 60’s and days between 70-90 degrees without humidity. The mosquitoes are nearly absent which is also nice.

With the trip at its midpoint, I have to say that the team is doing exceptionally well. Most fears that I had about them have been relieved, and they are doing very well interacting with the children. They are learning Kenyan culture, and I continue to encourage them to embrace the pace and ways of life here.

Lots of Love, Randy

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