Saturday Update

Saturday – Being the weekend, most of the kids are home from school today which in turn fills the site with energy. Starting at 6:30 a.m., we could hear voices of the children. In the late morning, there are games of tag and hide & seek. There is a group of boys kicking a deflated soccer ball back and forth, and there are some of the older boys and girls helping with chores. A full-fledged soccer game will inevitably happen today.

This place seems to change by the day, and it certainly changes between visits. There is a section of garden that now has drip irrigation, and from this test plot we will be able to determine its effectiveness for larger areas.

There is plenty of work for us, but our best work comes in the form of encouragement, occasional advice, and walking alongside our leadership team here.  Lunch will soon be ready, and I have a couple of things that need to be done first.  David Maina, one of our 15 year old boys, is trying to find a way to irrigate an area of a garden that is a couple hundred feet from the closest water supply. He has been successful in stringing hoses of various sizes together, and he has nearly reached the dry Napier Grass.

Blessings today.


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