Tasted and Savored

On this Friday night there are many thoughts as we move towards the end of our time here in Kenya. The team has been a masterful group of various sorts coming together with countless gifts for our staff and children. The team has also been generous recipients of the most incredible hospitality to be found anywhere on this planet. These brief fourteen days on the soil of this continent have again changed lives – specifically the seven of us who are visiting, whether it is for the first time or the seventh time.

Our American mindset tells us that we have much to give peoples of other places. And while this may be our financial reality, we have so very much to learn. There is a saying here in Kenya that says, “Haraka, haraka, haina baraka.” It means “Hurry hurry has no blessing.”

These people work from sunrise to sunset. Yet, in the midst of the hand tilling of gardens, the washing of clothing, and the hours that go into preparing each and every meal, they find time. There is time for tea. There is time for the neighbor who stops over just to say hello. There is time to take the sick to the hospital simply because you own a car. There is time to be more hospitable to the strangers and aliens within their literal gates than we even begin to imagine.

Life is simply different here. It is meant to be tasted and savored

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