Teresia – A Story Needing to Be Told!

Teresia – A Story Needing to Be Told!

Ben Wachira, our director in Kenya, recently sent the following story from his wife Milka, who in many ways serves as mom or “Auntie” to the orphan children. She wrote the following account of a conversation with Teresia, one of our dear kids.

Some time back I went to see Teresia at school, and as we sat and talked, I noticed tears in her eyes. Eager to find out why she was crying, “Aunty, as I think about my life and where God has brought me from, I have no words but to cry and marvel at his goodness!”

“Me, Teresia, an orphan from a very humble background. Seven years ago getting a meal on my plate was a huge miracle, and now, not only do I eat to my fill, have clothes to wear, and so many more in my suitcase, have shoes to wear BUT also go to school and not just school but the best school in my town….”

“Isn’t God amazing?” She asked me… “This little, poor village girl Teresia, now has her life and destiny turned around… We now walk the same corridors, go to the same class, enjoy the same meals with kids of the elite. I never ever dreamed of going through school and now I’m about to finish primary school and proceed. God, through the angels “Kenya Matters” has surprised me so much and now I AM A MIRACLE!!!”

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