Well Drilling Progress

August 23

WE HAVE WATER!!! The well volume is good too. One of the operators said, “This  volume is not for domestic use only. It can be used for industrial purposes.” The well is 260 meters deep, and the water level stabilized at 201.7 meters. The Well’s yield is 5000 liters of water per hour which is five  times more than our current water consumption (1000 liters per day)  including the animals.

We hope the permanent pump will be installed this week.  After its installation, we will begin work on ways to utilize the water.  At this time we are still waiting on water quality reports, but early indications are very encouraging.  We’ll keep you updated as we progress.

Saturday, May 21
The rig drilled to 148.2 meters on Saturday. More drilling on Monday… stay posted!

May 19
Living Water International, Kenya division, reached to just past 100 meters on Thursday. Our extensive geological survey points to water being available at approximately 170 meters.

We will continue to update you with the latest news on the drilling… check back often.

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