Well & Water Project

Well & Water Project

2015: The local school, approximately one kilometer away from our project, did not have water for the 600 children who attend there. A non-profit from that area paid for the installation of a waterline, and the school now has water. The local government is paying for the water that is used at the school.

2014:  We dug a waterline to a neighbor who has a citrus grove and a greenhouse where she grows tomatoes and peppers. We had a water meter installed; so she pays us every month for the amount of water that she uses for her farming activities.

January, 2012:  We began selling water to the community this month. We are selling it for just a little more than our costs so that we can cover overhead when we have issues with the pump or other water infrastructure. On dry weeks, we have community people with five gallon jugs and donkey cart owners line up to fill their containers.

December 29, 2011:  The 10,000 ltr water tank is now completely filled for the first time! After changing some water pipes it is working correctly. Randy who is currently at the site said they could hear the pump running and the water rushing into the tank today!

December 2, 2011:  It took 15 men and four hours but the new 10,000 ltr tank is now on top off the new water tower!

September 14, 2011:  The Pump is installed! Today the pump was installed for the well! We can now actually use the water as it’s coming out of a 2.5 inch pipe at the surface. We  will now begin to create the infrastructure of a water tower, water tanks, and showers for the kids.

August 23, 2011:  WE HAVE WATER!!! The well volume is good too. One of the operators said, “This  volume is not for domestic use only. It can be used for industrial purposes.” The well is 260 meters deep, and the water level stabilized at 201.7 meters. The Well’s yield is 5000 liters of water per hour which is five  times more than our current water consumption (1000 liters per day)  including the animals.

We hope the permanent pump will be installed this week.  After its installation, we will begin work on ways to utilize the water.  At this time we are still waiting on water quality reports, but early indications are very encouraging.  We’ll keep you updated as we progress.[/two_third_last]

August 16, 2011:  The drilling went to 265 metres on Monday & Tuesday. They wait for the team that is suppossed to measure the volume and quality of water.  Hopefully they arrive to do this work on Thursday.

August 14, 2011:  We received a call from our Kenyan friends around 1 p.m. EST.  At 7 p.m. the well drilling company brought to Karai to replace Living Water International hit water at 220 meters!

August 2, 2011:  This project has taught us patience above all other things.  Our second attempt at drilling a borehole has been a complex process.  We are currently at 95 meters, but Living Water International, Kenya division, decided to pull their people off this project over the past couple of days.  It seems they have chosen to focus their attention elsewhere.  While we don’t understand this decision, our leadership in Karai will be determining our next steps while consulting with us here in the States.

June 12, 2011:  Living Water International has decided to abandon the current borehole and start drilling a new hole on Tuesday, June 14.  After talking with someone who understands our geological survey that was taken prior to drilling, he reminded me of the extreme difficulty of drilling into magna lava rock.  We’ll continue to hope and pray for water at the bottom of this next borehole within a couple of weeks.

May 31, 2011:  After getting down to 148.2 meters, the drilling hammer on the drilling rig broke.  This meant that the hammer was lodged down in the borehole, and it needed to be retrieved before more drilling could take place.

Since the 21st of this month, Living Water has been attempting to retrieve the hammer.  Last week special trucks were brough to the site to attempt to retrieve the hammer so that drilling could continue.  Thus far all attempts have failed.

It is likely that the drilling of the well will need to begin again at another location near the current attempt.   We’ll keep you updated as we hear news from Kenya.

May 21, 2011:  The drilling rig is down to 148.2 meters. We’ll continue to keep you updated.

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May 13, 2011:  The drilling officially is underway! The drilling rig, support vehicles, and highly skilled men of Living Water International, Kenya division, are on site in Karai. Let us hope and pray this effort is successful!

April 18, 2011:   Our government permit to drill for water is approved, and Living Water International is on the way to our site in Karai.  We expect to see their rigs on the property sometime this week…

The fundraising efforts are moving forward.  We currently have $35,000 of the $65,000 raised.  IF you are considering engaging with us, helping fund our water-and-well project would be much appreciated!

April 10, 2011:  We met with several members of the leadership team of Living Water International, Kenya, this past week.  They had reviewed our ‘Hydrogeological/Geophysical Survey Report’ that was prepared for us, and they believe we have an excellent location for drilling a borehole/well.

We need to finalize our permit for drilling with the local government officials here; we believe this process will go smoothly since we informed them of our intentions to drill last September.  Once the permit is finalized, we will be able to inform our supporters with a date that drilling will begin!

Please hold this project in your hopes and prayers!  We’ve spent a great deal of energy and a sizable amount of money to determine that our site is a good location for drilling a well.

Feb. 28, 2011:  Current estimates & quotes for our well & water project are as follows –

Well & Water Campaign                    Kenyan Shillings     US $             
Geological survey & permit 60,000 800 Phase 1
Borehole/Well 1,500,000 20,000 Phase 1
Pump – submersible 728,000 9,700 Phase 1
Pump house & tanks 352,000 4,700 Phase 1
Pipes to tanks 50,000 670 Phase 1
Electrical to pump & pump house 73,500 980 Phase 1
Piping to Safe house 39,000 520 Phase 1
Water Purification System 120,000 1,600 Phase 1
Irrigation for the small garden 15,000 200 Phase 1
Legal transfer of land 60,000 800 Phase 1
Selling Shed 150,000 2,000 Phase 2
Showers 262,500 3,500 Phase 2
Hot water system 172,500 2,300 Phase 2
Run water to director’s house 73,500 980 Phase 2
Piping to big garden (2 km) 262,500 3,500 Phase 3
Irrigation for large garden 187,500 2,500 Phase 3
Salary for instillation/sustainability 2,400 3,200 n/a
Cost of Fundraising 195,000 2,600 n/a
Contingency fund 337,500 4,500 n/a
Totals @ 75 Shillings/Dollar 4,640,900 65,050


January 11, 2011:  Eight of us arrived back in Michigan after spending three weeks in Kenya with our Kenyan leadership team and orphan children. It was an amazing trip spending the holiday season with these people whom we have come to love, trust, and call friends.

Since our initial visit to Kenya in 2005, we have recognized the need to have a reliable source of water for our children’s orphange. A good and clean supply of water is needed for drinking, cooking, washing clothes, washing bodies, watering livestock, and watering our gardens when rain is not plentiful.

This year we are pursuing a well and water project that will hopefully provide that water! With much hope, we expect to discover water deep below the surface of the ground in Karai. Our project is large in cost and large in scope, and we believe this is a project that needs to take place now. After our first five good years, we are asking you, our partners in this Kenya Matters project, to support our efforts to make this well and water project a reality.

Elijah Wachira, our director in Kenya, recenlty sent us a letter which highlights the significance of this undertaking.  Drilling a well and creating a delivery infrastructure for clean water will realize a long-standing dream of sustainability and growth.

We have received quotes for this project from a number of non-profits in Kenya, and all have great reputations.  We will likely be working with Living Water International, Kenya.

You will be receiving more information as we move forward.  We are looking for financial support and prayer support as we undertake this endeavor.




Dear Jason and Friends.

We note with gratification the encouraging news of the good things that are happening in connection with our primary goal for this year, ”The borehole” [aka well & water project].

It has been said before and it is being said again, the borehole will be a one of the vital pillars to support our future short/long term goals towards financial freedom. We will have reached or even crossed the Jordan, but will not have explored or conquered the Promised Land. Some African cultures will not discuss the issue of clothes for a child who is not born which is the same as saying, “Let us cross that bridge when we get there”.

We have already identified in details phase 1 of this project which involves the sinking of the well, pump, electric hook up, water tanks, and piping to the children’s  house, and irrigation for the small garden at the children’s home.

Phase 2 of the project will be to irrigate several acres of our larger garden and to develop a greenhouse for vegetales. A fish pond and a livestock (dairy cows/goats) program will hopefullly be part of this phase as well.

There are many dreams. We are good dreamers, and some of our dreams could be termed as nightmares because of their implications in terms of money and efforts. We thank God that many of our dreams in the past have been achieved. Where we are today was nothing but a dream five years ago. Two of our primary goals for 2011:

Goal No. 1/2011:  The well & water project

Complete the phase 1 and phase 2 of the borehole project. This plan of action is in the able hands of the Kenya Matters board and their water team.

Goal No. 2/2011: Improved academic performance.

We need to focus on the kids academic performance. Steps have already been taken towards this end. Extra teachers are being hired to provide additional tutoring to all the kids to supplement what they get in school, and four kids are going to the nearby private school. We  have a music teacher who will come one Saturday of the month to teach the kids how to play the keyboard.

The realization of these goals would make 2011 an exceptional year of success.

God is able; let us commit all our ways to him.