Kenya Matters Vision

Kenya Matters Vision

Transforming Lives, Here and Abroad

Kenya Matters is a non-profit organization committed to demonstrating compassion in action through the material support of orphan children in Karai, Kenya.  Many charities with focus on Africa provide valuable resources to individuals and communities; we are pleased to be part of that effort.  Kenya Matters is distinguished by a lean organizational structure which allows us to not only support the community financially, but also to build real relationships between African families and those of our volunteers and donors.  This intimate collaboration results in a process that is not only supporting of those in need, but personally transformative for all involved.


This process is best summed up through our vision statement:

Kenya Matters addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of orphans through empowering local African leadership with self-sustainable enterprise projects in partnership with an active donor community in the United States.


This vision is expressed through a more specific mission statement:

Kenya Matters nurtures orphans in Karai, Kenya to empower them to live as interdependent, productive, and fulfilled members of the local and global community.