Empowering Kenyan youth starts with building deep, lasting relationships.

Why Kenya Matters?

The Kenya Matters Mission & Vision:

Kenya Matters seeks to nurture and empower at-risk children and families in collaboration with Kenyan partners, with an active donor community in the United States and around the world.

Kids are in school, getting healthier, and feeling safer, but their future is far from set. They need mentors to guide them into the future, help to create jobs for themselves, tuition for colleges, counseling for trauma, and continued encouragement to hope for tomorrow.

Perhaps our greatest pride at Kenya Matters is to see kids grow up with a desire to “pay it forward”. They pray for resources to help their relatives, neighbors, and sometimes siblings that can not find room in the current program.

They pray for their American and Dutch friends, often by name. They are working hard to lift themselves up, as grateful recipients of God’s help and ours. They are motivated to continue on in life so that they can share more abundantly with others. The love and care they receive, expressed through their lives to others, is the hope we hold.

Our Approach

Family & impact, beyond borders.

When we talk about family, what we're talking about is the bond that connects us together. Whether you're a monthly donor, a board member, or part of the team on the ground in Kenya, your impact goes far beyond borders.

Those of us who have traveled to Kenya have been so inspired by the generosity and commitment of the local staff, board, and village neighbors. We have been challenged to rethink our own versions of “community” and expressions of generosity, and we have thus been transformed by the Kenyan culture.

In this relationship, we have all worked hard to maintain a spirit of humility and collaboration that may not always be felt in similar cross-cultural development situations. We recognize that while Kenya may be developing economically, we still have much to learn, and we have received feedback that encourages us to hope that they have also been transformed by who we are.

Meet the Kenya Matters Team

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

Anna Buist
Board Member
Moses Githaibi
Board Secretary
Jerry Vanden Bosch
Board Treasurer
Stephan Lutz
Board Member
Brian Workman
Board Member
Levi Molenje
Board Co-Chair
Heidi Swieringa
Board Co-Chair
Randy Buist
Board President

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