Meet Lucy

July 3, 2022

Lucy Wanjiru, 22 … Hair Dresser

Updated, July of 2022: We all face hard times and often struggle to stay afloat in this life. Many times, success is measured by grades attained in our academics… School and society have quite often paved the way only for the elite, the crème de la crème, the fittest, the champions, the above …But then what about those that work so hard to fight against the heavy tides, Those that are not lucky to make it top of the class?

Lucy Wanjiru, born 25 years ago, had struggled in her academics since the day she stepped foot in a classroom. She hails from a very humble family, the second born in a family of four. She enjoyed her dad for only  8 years when the cruel hand of death snatched him from them.

Amidst struggles of her mother, who was now the sole breadwinner of the family trying to put food on their table, fate would have it that her mother fell ill and bedridden and could no longer provide for her children. Lucy, and her sister Monica, came to the CRCA. Her older brother was left to take care of their mom, and so did the youngest in the family who was still nursing at the time.

At the children's home, Lucy was able to find three meals in a day, clothing, shelter, and education…. there was now light at the end of the tunnel. In spite of her academic struggles,  she continued to work hard. It hasn’t been easy for Lucy, but in 2020 graduated from high school.

Now She can Shine!

She is currently pursuing her dream career of hairdressing. She finished her certificate program as one of the best students in her class! She now does works in her profession supporting her young family. Thanks to Kenya matters for giving Lucy an opportunity to shine!