Meet the New Children

January 13, 2024

Blessing and Samuel are the youngest members of a family with a mother who struggles with heart disease. She can no longer work to support her kids because of the state of her health. One of her older children graduated from high school, while the other is currently enrolled in high school with the aid of kind donors. Blessing and Samuel are both lovely, smart kids who love their new home at CRCA. They like playing in the playground because it gives them the freedom to roam around carefree. They sleep in a secure place and eat without worrying about where their next meal will come from.

This is a huge upgrade from where they all lived in a one-roomed apartment. Caroline, Mercy, and John are siblings who have had a rough start in life. Because their mother struggled to provide for them, they often went hungry and missed school as they went along with her to look for day labor. Their father has not been involved in their lives as he is an alcoholic. Mercy and John both have medical conditions, and we’ve been able to take them to the hospital to start getting care. In the brief amount of time, these children have adapted and are appreciating the safety of having a place to sleep, meals to eat, and attending school daily.

Rose’s mom has had a tough time since her husband died in 2016. In 2021, she was disinherited from the land her husband left her, leaving her homeless and without the means to support her family. Her mother reached out to us, asking if we could help care for her last-born child. Rose has been an excellent addition to CRCA. She is pleasant, has an infectious smile, loves to sing, and encourages her newfound brothers and sisters. She hopes to one day be a pastor.