Meet Peter

Peter is quiet, happy, sensible, and now a finalist in his elementary school. He has been with us for just over six years, since November of 2015. He is very gentle with the young children here at the children's home. They love him so much.

Peter is also one of our "sharpshooters" in academics. He is very good with numbers. He displays qualities of a very good leader and has been one through his nearly six years with us.

As we casually talked this past Sunday, his glow and strong words moved me to tears. He began, “Were it not for the opportunity I got six years ago, I would be  a herdsman somewhere in my village.”

We thank everybody who is a team player and who continue to make it happen for the 40+ children who are orphaned. Together with the Kenyan community,  you have made a difference in the children's lives!!!